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Default Re: Help with Playback Engine Settings

OK, I have 2 Glyph Technology 1TB Quad Desktop Hard Drive - GT050Q drives on the way. They are qualified by Digi. They have 2 FW800 ports & 1 FW400 port.

I have 2 final questions if anyone can help.

What does Digi mean by: "If you are using a FW 400 LE device we recommend running the drives on a separate FW400 bus for maximum track counts and disk performance." Separate FW400 bus?

Lastly, since the drives have FW800 ports, I can use FW800 cables from drive to drive to CPU. But since I'm using the 002 Rack, at least 1 FW400 connection is necessary. Can anyone tell me if it would be best to use a FW400 cable from the 002 Rack to the FW400 port on the drive - or a combo FW400/800 cable from the 002 Rack to the FW800 port on the drive?
PTLE 8.0.5, Digi 002 Rack
iMac 3.06Hz Intel Core 2 Duo w/8GB RAM, OS 10.6.8
Glyph GT050Q Drives
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