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Default Re: any opinions on APEX 460 condensor microphone

Hey Jayman#9,

Thanx for the enthuiastic report. I think thse mics must be fairly new as there does not seem to be a lot of reviews out there. The review on its predessor the 420 are pretty good though.

I'm thinking of buying two so as to have a stero pair Two tube mics for 500 bux Canadian seems unbelievable. I just hope they still have stock!

Let me know how your further testing works out----thanx again

Anybody else?

But the way i also have lot of 12ax7a's including some old tung-sols and philips JAN (joint army navy) tubes to try out. Cuirous to know what diff it makes. One of the things that makes me a little suspicious is that these tubes were designed to run with fairly high plate voltages ie around300 volts and I don't thing modern tube circuits always run that high. Of course 300 volts is nothing compared to the old 7027a output tubes in the old Ampegs V4 which if memory servrs me ran around 625 volts on the plates---That wil give you a jingle!!!

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