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Default Re: any opinions on APEX 460 condensor microphone

I've tried it. My buddy bought one. In fact, I AB'd it to my Neumann TLM103. It is a good mic! It has tons of bottom end. very similar to the Neumann!!! I found that it had a noticable, slightly sharp presence lift. Not always a bad thing. It's more on the lines of the AKG414. Again... not a bad thing. It would be a good mic for overheads, a "flat" sounding vocalist or any other source that could use a bit of a top end lift. The 9 pollar patterns are a major bonus. My Neumann dosn't even have more than 1!!! Though I use cardioid 95% of the time. I'm not sure how much the tube has to do with the overall sound of the mic. That is something I'm investigating. I only had a few hours with the mic. I didn't have a chance to try it on a strong vox to hear any tube charcteristics. Just because it has a tube dosn't mean it's a true tube mic. My guess is that it is true. It sounds quite good. BTW, when I took it apart, I noticed that they use a 12AX7. It had no brand or model # that I could find. I'm guessing it's a chinese tube. I'm curious to hear the difference if I were to replace the tube with, my favorite, a Sovtek 12AX7 LPS!

I set up the Neumann and the 460 side by side and recorded an acousic guitar. Right away I prefered the 460 over the TLM103 (5 times the price ). I found no need to add any eq to 460 siganl. The tlm103, on the other hand, needed a slight top end boost to give the guitar some shine. Though I'm sure if I was tracking acoustic to a session in progress, the roles could be reversed. Acoustic guitars always sound better with a bit of extra high end when played on thier own . Overall this mic is will worth the purchase for recording engineers at any level!!!!! No kidding. Hey, a good mics a good mic! I'm going in the studio next week to work on a new band, so I'm going to try a AB test with a real AKG C12!! (since the APEX460, by chance, just happens to look almost identical to a C12 ).
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