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Default Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD

First time using this bare with me.
I used to use ProTool 8 LE with a Digi003 Rack plus and an additional Focusrite 8 channel pre for 16 live tracking capability. Never an issue.

Two years ago I upgraded to a Midas Venice F32 mixer and had to find a version of ProTools 10HD (as I heard that since there is no support or driver updates) this is the best PT version to work with the Midas Venice F32.

The recording's I'm getting sound amazing...except one issue. I get this random glitch sound across all recorded tracks, every so often. No rhyme or reason. It doesn't show up in the wave forms at all. If I solo every track, the glitch is audible on all tracks. It can happen at the quietest of moments, or when the band is rocking.

I thought I'd upgrade my RAM from 8GB to 16GB (highest my 2009 mac will go). Didn't solve the issue.

I haven't done a whole lot of track by track recording, but the limited times I have the glitch sound doesn't happen. It only seems to happen when I'm recording the whole band "live".

Any insight? The board sounds SO sweet...just can't have random glitches happen at random times. Thanks!

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