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Default Updating S3 firmware on older rig

Mac Pro 2013
OS 10.11.6
PTHD 12.5.1
S3 direct connection to Mac
EuControl 19.7
S3 firmware 1.1.3

Iím limited to this version of PT, so no updates can be done beyond the specs I gave for the OS and PT. I did a clean install of everything when this machine was updated to El Cap, but now Eucon isnít seeing the S3 on reboot. I have to restart Eucon in order for the board to be seen, and sometimes it might need multiple restarts. DHCP is set for the Ethernet port itís connected to, and that same Ethernet port is selected in the Eucon section of System Prefs.

My question is: Considering the version of PT Iím using, would updating the Eucon software and/or S3 firmware break everything? All the release notes show that my version of PT isnít compatible, but 19.7 (once the board is seen) seems to work just fine. Is S3 firmware tied to specific versions of PT? Any info on this is supremely appreciated...
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