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Default PT won’t save a new session

Mac Pro 2013
OSX 10.10.4
PT HD 12.5.1

Went to create a new session from a template, PT won’t give me the option to choose a save location, the “Create” button in the Dashboard is grayed out, and the option to save to default location or choose another isn’t there. Tried creating new session from scratch, same thing, no option to continue.

Trashed prefs, same result.
Held N on PT startup for new playback engine, same result.
Held Shift to rescan plugs, same result.
Reinstalled PT, same result.

I can still open already created sessions, so I’m using my template session to “Save Copy In...” as a workaround for new sessions, but there has to be something I’m missing. Any assist would be HUGELY appreciated, time is of the essence on this one...
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