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Default SSD4 users on Mac??

Hi guys

Iím trying to narrow down some of my little teething issues with my Mac that happen every now and again. I think my biggest culprit is Slate drums. Iím wondering if users on here can share their experiences and how they have it set up. Today I had a small session hardly any plugins and the session was working fine. I opened the midi window to do some editing and PT threw up the message reduce automation or native plugins. What was strange is that the session was playing perfectly fine until I opened the midi window?? SSD4 was the only Native plugin active
The other few were TDM

The same session runs on my 2012 MacBook Pro no problem at all with the other plugins active in the session being Native also not TDM.

On my MacBook Pro my SSD4 samples are on the system drive, but on my MacPro they are on a separate SSD drive to the system drive would this make a difference??

Also are people using the AAX version or RTAS version of the SSD4 plugin.

My MacBook Pro is running OSX Maverick but my MacPro has a Lion partition and a Maverick Partition.

Thanks in advance

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