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Default Re: Let me get this straight

Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
1) you compter should work, see my thread a bought first gen 1.1s
2) your interfaces have the same support that have now, if they don't work don't call Avid
3) well...., if theres not a lot of action on HDx cards Avid will probably sweeten the pot

From the thread you linked

Originally Posted by Rail Jon Rogut View Post
Works fine here with NativeHD, 002/C, Built-in and other hardware on our MacPro 1,1

HDX requires a Nehalem or better.


You cant even get the cards by themselves. Will they even allow Lynx to make something like the xhd card for the new HDX?(ha just realized how nerdy that looks)

This seems like a much worse upgrade path than when we went from mix to hd
Paul Cox
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