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Default Re: Let me get this straight


I am much in the same situation as you are. Where did you see the specs that said your computer wouldn't work? My computer is also pre Nahelem and I haven't found anything that says mine isn't compatible. (I hope it isn't)

Regarding the interface, I also have a Lynx Aurora 16 for my interface. I am assuming that Lynx will have to eventually release a new card for the unit that we will need to purchase. Hopefully that will be hundreds of dollars rather than $1,000's to upgrade.

Regarding the cards upgrade, it sounds like we will just have to see what the upgrade paths are from Avid. Have you seen any quotes yet? The good thing is that we should get a boost in performance moving from an HD2 system to a single HDX card.

Anyways, I definitely feel that in between all my TDM plug-ins and HD2 system that everything has dropped in value by well over $5,000 tonight. Plus with the addition of expensive upgrade options, I definitely feel your pain.
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