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Default Strike Failed Installation

I attempted to install Strike this evening and it didn't give me any errors. After finishing the installation I started up Pro Tools and looked for it under the plugins > instruments menu, where I have seen it before on my Mac, but it didn't appear. I then rebooted my computer to make sure and nothing changed. My next step was to try reinstalling the plugin again using the install disk, but it made no difference. I checked the directions for uninstallation and it says that you can do it from the control panel, but I don't see Strike anywhere in there (even though I do see velvet and structure near the Digidesign entry). My last idea was to try downloading the latest version of strike available online and update it, but that made no difference.

I assume that something didn't register when installing the program, but I'm not sure how to fix it from here. Could anyone give me some insight that might put me in the right direction?

I performed a full install again and it seems to have at least fixed the problem of it not showing up in the Add/Remove programs panel. I still don't see it in the plugins menu in Pro Tools LE. I also tried updating to the latest version of Strike.
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