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Default Re: CPU overload using Protools 8

Hi, not sure how you can check up to four processors if you have only one.

I would only check 1 processor and set it to 95%. Set your buffer to 512. If you have more than one processor, then leave one processor for the system, and use the others for Pro tools.

You only have 4GB ram? That will slow things down. While Pro tools can only use a maximum 4GB, ( and it will use all of it) that leaves none for the OS and system. If your system is using the ram, then pro tools gets what is left. Pro tools needs a minimum of 2 gb, and using the minimum will also give you problems.

Same for your processor.

When i ran Pro tools 8, I ran a Macbook pro quad core with 16GB ram and i still had to watch my sessions for CPU overload. Pro tools needs power, alot of processing and a lot of ram. As much as you can put in your machine.


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