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Default Re: Pro Tools (Not Responding)

Originally Posted by XFM Production View Post
My Pro Tools (8.1.1) keeps getting the spinning wheel. This can last from anywhere from 5 seconds to over an hour and occurs every 1-10 minutes. Then all of a sudden it will start working again and return to normal.

When I alt-apple-escape, it simply shows that Pro Tools is not responding. In the activity monitor, all systems appear normal.

I work for a large radio company with many different brands in different studios and I am the only one with this problem.

Our IT department are simply stumped. I have had my Mac replaced, re-imaged, formatted etc etc yet the problems keeps occurring.

There is no pattern to how this happens. I can be either dragging audio from an external firewire drive, accessing one the many network servers in the building, or simply pressing play.

I have done all the system optimisation steps like disable blu tooth, disable spotlight etc.

Nothing helps.

There are many many Pro Tools users in the building and an entire broadcast / engineering / IT department and no one can work out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Can anyone help???

Well being that you have many different systems in your building we would have to guess which one you are working with so read this first and then respond with appropriate information and it will be easier to offer help. That being said if you have done all the optimization and troubleshooting tips, I would be inclined to look at and compare the different hardware you have connected. Whether that be network card, usb hubs, etc. etc.
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