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Unhappy Fast Track Ultra 8R & Eleven Rack in PT10, Re-amping not possible

Hello, I have the Fast Track Ultra 8R together with PT 10 operational. I recently bought the Eleven Rack and connected it with my PC and with SPDIF cables with the FTU8R.

The strange thing is that in recording mode everything is working fine. I can record a guitar signal via the true-Z input of the 11Rack and SPDIF out through the FTU8R and then into PT10. The 11R Operation Window in PT10 is fully operational.

But when I open the Setup menu in PT10, the 11R is NOT visible in the "hardware setup" tab. Curiously, in the next tab "Playback engine", the 11R is present ! Because the 11R is not in the hardware setup, I can not choose in PT10 which device must be the external or internal sync source. And in audio-tracks I also can not choose SPDIF as output of that track. I suppose that's part of the same problem. And because of this I cannot RE-AMP in a normal way !!

Is there something I've missed ??

With kind regards, Andre
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