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Default Re: Linking em up

Thanks Guys and Girls for your help thus far.

As I have the boxes already I am going to have to stick with them and keep an eye our for some 192's (assuming they would be backwards compatible).

I am going to check on what the cards I have are tomorrow night but I already know I do not have a cable to connect the cards together with. I will start looking out for one of those but in the meantime I am going to daisy chain two boxes into on master and just live with 24 I/O which if I understand correctly will get me up and running, or did you mean two boxes together was all I could have?

Assuming the former my question, which you could probably see coming, is how to do that.

I am cool with the linking up the clocking but with the actual linking is is just out of the expansion port into the primary port two times or do I need to start looking at the light pipe option?
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