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Good advice above. Since the 96 IO is limited with only 8 IO, I would start replacing them with used 192 IO's(buy whenever you find a super deal). As I said, the 192 can do 16 IO, depending on connections. Each 192 has 4 card slots. Slot 3 is always a digital card(with AES and lightpipe). Usually, slot 1 is 8 analog in, slot 2 is 8 analog out and slot 4 can be either(so if you want all analog, a 192 can be 16 in/8 out, OR 8 in/16 out. Of course, the digital IO can be used with any of many outboard converters. At the budget end(around $200), the Behringer ADA8200 offers 8 IO over lightpipe and will sound better than the 96IO. While there are more expensive options, the best value(my opinion) is the Midas XL-48(8 excellent preamps with AES and lightpipe out).

There's no problems with using the 96 IO's(other than the IO limitation), but the 192's will be a solid upgrade that can be done over time(and on a modest budget).
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