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To get an answer, we need to know the rest of the setup. What card(s) are in place and what connections are available? How many IO do you need? How many IO need to be analog and how many can be digital?

Some general info:
1-the 96IO is not a great unit. Adding or changing to 192 IO's will get you better quality. Bonus: they are a bargain these days.
2-I'm not sure about the 96IO, but the 192 allows for a total of 16 IO per unit.
3-Both 96 and 192 can daisy-chain 2 units per card port(for a maximum of 32 IO per card port).
4-192's come in a versions. The 192 DIGITAL only has digital IO and cannot use analog cards. The "standard" 192 can combine cards for more IO options
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