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Default Pro Tools says linked with iLok account, but iLok doesn't have my Licence! HELP!

Hello, I really hope someone from Avid or users that's had a similar experience could help me. Basically I purchased Pro Tools 11 in 2013 before I enrolled into my university. Everything was running fine for about two year until I had my iLok stollen. So obviously I had the iLok turned off. However I found the punk that stole it and I now have it in my possession.

I am an Ableton user and that is my DAW of choice, but I really would like Pro Tools for mixing and editing purposes for final mix down of my projects. I have my serial number, but not my activation card that was sent to me. It's been several years and I never kept the box/CDs. However when I log on to my Avid Account it shows my Product okay (Pro Tools 11 bundle; mbox included with purchase). I understand that I will ultimately have to purchase a new iLok and transfer my license but my iLok account doesn't even show that I have a Pro Tools license. So My fear is that I buy the new iLok but it still won't transfer. I really don't want to pay 80 dollars just for Avid to tell me something simple that I could have figured out on myself.

In theory I can buy a new iLok and that would solve my problems, but my Avid account says it's linked to my iLok manager. When I go to my iLok manager it says zero license. I'm frustrated because I've paid good money for software that I can't use.. Same goes for my sibelius account. I would like to use it for figuring out progressions and melodies, but I don't have the CD.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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