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Default Re: ProTools HD Omni and Rupert Shelford Channel not getting enough gain

Originally Posted by cristtiah View Post
Hi I just recently purchased a Rupert Shelford Channel for recording vocals and I put it in LINE IN on the HD Omni. Although the Shelford is almost hitting peak I cant get enough gain from the HD Omni to get a good recording. Any settings I need to adjust on this? I did +4dBu and -10 dBv both doesnt give the gain that I need. Thanks for anyone who can help.
Dont drive yourself crazy, there IS an issue with the line in on the Omni HD.
Ive brought it up here twice, emailed support no response from Avid.

The line in is shy by 8 to 12 dBs.
Tested with different mic pros and cables.
Then I used an oscillator as proof.
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