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Default Re: ProTools HD Omni and Rupert Shelford Channel not getting enough gain

Originally Posted by cristtiah View Post
I can see it in the VU meter(peaking), gain is at 48 yep tested with and without filter,eq,compressor. I have a mogami TRS cable going in the LINE IN. On the HD Omni meter its barely hitting -12.
TRS cable? You mean XLR to TRS cable? Again, what exactly (connection socket type/name) do you have connected to exactly what? Pretend we are not there and cannot see what you are doing.

I especially want to know you are not sending the signal into the front panel 1/4" phono inputs on the Omni that are single sided TS/DI only (and so will ground one side of the sexy balanced transformer coupled output from the Shelford). You need to use the back panel 1/4" TRS sockets, try them all to see they work the same.

Shelford meter or LED might just be a little sensitive.

-12dbFS? input? (ie not accidentally measuring post fader?). I am not sure why that would necessarily cause a problem, you have 1000dB or so of digital gain at your disposal. If I wanted to know more what is going on I would measure the gain of the Shelford driven by signal gen, compare levels see with the VU meters etc. may also lets you confirm the Shelford clipping indicators seem OK.

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