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Default Re: DIGI 002 Control Surface with newer AVID S1?

Originally Posted by halipino123 View Post
Hi Darryl, I know this type of question opens up Pandora's Box as far as what someone's favorite "go-to" plugins are but what plugin compressors were you referring to? I know there are tons of choices out there.
Yep subjective... there is effectively unlimited choice in plugin land, without any of the hassle of external gear. And "compressor" can be used to cover a lot of territory, different intents and uses. Start with what ones you have. You've got several compressors as standard in Pro Tools and built into channel strip plugins, and now the Complete Plugin Bundle is included with every subscription and perpetual support... you get more including Pro Compressor and Pro Limiter. And if something there is not rocking your boat, then tell folks here what you are trying to do and for specific recommendations.
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