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Default Re: DIGI 002 Control Surface with newer AVID S1?

Originally Posted by Ben Jenssen View Post
I don't want to confuse things, but no one has mentioned the Command|8. If you really like the control surface side of the 002, I can highly recommend the C8. You don't have to more than plug it in via USB and you're off. Works great with modern PT because it talks MIDI, and should be very familiar to anybody who's used the 002. I just saw one for sale here in Oslo for less than 100 bucks. (Only problem I've had with it is when I try to use EUCon with my iPad, the C8 meters stop working. But I much rather have C8 than Avid Control on ipad.)

I decided to get with today's tech and got the AVID S1. Just a better decision for me to stay current. Having owned the 002 for so long, I do not thing it will take too long to adapt and hopefully all new equipment I am choosing lives happily together without too many issues.
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