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Default Re: DIGI 002 Control Surface with newer AVID S1?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Re using the Kemper, I ran it(with regular mic cables) into a pair of Neve clones and it sounded killer(having a really good player didn't hurt). The player took the Kemper home and tried recording thru the mic inputs of the 002(he knows gain structure) and was not able to get a good sound. That's why I suggested that preamps can make or break a recording as much as the mic/di or whatever is being recorded I agree that the RME preamps are excellent, but they are(to my understanding) made to be very clean and transparent. Sometimes that is exactly what you need. Other times a preamp with "character" is what you need(which is why Neve preamps are so revered)

Please remind me, which Neve clones are you using?
thank you
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