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Default Re: Pro Tools locating plug ins

Originally Posted by amscheme View Post
But this folder that these Oxford plug ins are in is not the folder Iíve chose for pro tools to look for plug ins when I start up, Iíve tried to select this folder and it wonít let me, it will only let me select my separate waves folder for my plug ins

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Wot? What you're saying makes no sense. You have absolutely no control of where Pro Tools looks for plugins to load. (You could create a symbolic link, to point where Pro Tools does look to elsewhere, but stuff like that is a bad idea for multiple reasons).

All AAX plugins are in /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins and nowhere else. You have no control over that.

As I said don't goof around trying to move stuff. The only things you can move is to tell different VIs where they can find their samples... if they support doing that.

Don't mess around, if PlugIn installers are not working and you can't work out why just contact the vendor. This is not rocket science for the plugin developers and very few plugin installers fail. (these did not fail they worked *perfectly*, just they installed plugins that were not built to run on Pro Tools 10.)
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