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Default Doppler FX plugin for a 3D fly-in and fly-around and away

Hi. I'm using the Wave Doppler for a left-to-right Doppler effect for a video.

But I've come across a different situation that seems to require more parameters. In the scene, there is a glimmering colosseum building in the background (it makes a looping magical humming noise). It is slightly center-right in the frame, in the distance. The camera picks up and begins to fly through. It flies towards the building, then circles around it, and then back to the starting position (so the building cuts out of view, because it is behind the camera).

Doppler does not seem to give me the spatial effects that I am looking for, although those principles do seem to be in play. The building should become louder and oscillate more quickly as I fly towards it, and it should pan to one side as I fly around it, and then oscillate more slowly, and dampen, and pan and fafe out as I fly away from it.

Is there such a plugin that will allow me to do all of this with a constant-loop audio file? It would really bring it to life.

Preferably in the waves bundle, as I already own this.

But I am open to learning about more apps too.

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