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Default Re: Mackie mixer before DIGI002 inputs?

Thank you fine Sir, I will try this with the mics, not sure if the Kemper would be any better using instrument cable into the Mackie as opposed to SPDIF into the 002.

One thing I like about the SPDIF so far in my basic experiments is the levels are very consistent, sometimes I have to make small adjustments on the Direct signal ("clean sens" on the kemper) if the profile is weak or to hot but it's giving me good results so far but then again have not the experience of going through an expensive preamp.

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Some more to confuse you
1-Since you have this stuff already, just try the Mackie and decide for yourself if its better, worse or the same. Just make sure you connect the Mackie output(s) to LINE inputs(5-8) on the 002(not the XLR inputs) and hit the switch for +4.
2-re the Kemper, it gets a bit deeper(but yes, digital is digital, BUT, is it "perfect"). The reason I address this is because I had a client with a Kemper do some recordings last year. We did not use a digital connection(my setup at the time just made that a hassle) and I patched the Kemper outputs into a pair of Neve preamp clones(Chameleon 581's). Anyway, we did guitar tracks for 2 days and he went home with everything on a hard drive. He decided he needed a couple of additional tracks and tried to do them on his home rig(a DIGI002). He ended up back at my studio as he could not get the same quality sound. Moral of the story: the digital input is 100% accurate, but the sound character of a good preamp still matters
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