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Default Re: need help with "replace clip" function

Originally Posted by bob white View Post
hi stig,

what you described is what i was doing. i have no answers.

again, when going through your description, all that gets replaced is the one clip that i highlighted, even though i have many other clips on the same track. and the clip that was replaced was not from the same point in the replacement clip as was the original clip. it just chose the replacement clip from the beginning of it.

it seems that protools is not doing what they claim it can do. would you agree or am i still missing something? why would your clips on the track be all replaced with the proper edit point and mine not?

and fork-media, thanks for your option. i know it well. and that will still have to be the way i will have to do things.

it's just frustrating that this protools function is useless for us in post when it's designed for us to use.

Hi Bob, did you or anyone else find a solution? I'm having the same problem now. Thank you in advance.
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