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Default need help with "replace clip" function

i need a hand with this. i'm cutting a tv series at the moment and all i want is to replace all the edited clips of a certain recording in my timeline with an eq'd version of the same clip. specifically a sound in my ambiance tracks.

i want the sames parts of the original clip to be replaced with the same parts of the replacement clip. this is essential.

no matter what combination i choose from the "replace clip dialog options" box, it will not do this for me. it only effects the highlighted clip and never replaces all the clips in the session, and never chooses the same edit points as my original clip.

can i have a chat with someone here, preferably on the phone, to work this out. my ambs editor is delivering his tracks and i'd like to have him switch out sounds without having to individually fix all the sounds i need replaced.

and if you can't help me and know someone that could, please let me know as well.
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