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Default Sync HD , Omni, Logic Pro X and Avid Audio Server issues...


My set up is Sync HD, Omni, 192, and a Monitor controller (Intonato) thats fed 12 channels of AES EBU For atmos work, from both Avid interfaces and receives Word Clock from the Sync HD. The Sync HD is the Master.

The above works fine with Pro Tools 12HD however with Logic its another story. There are clocking issues. I suspect this could be down to Core Audio not understanding the Sync HD. Im getting clocking noises. With the logic setup Im guessing that its best to use Word clock to Sync the Omni and presumably the 192 with sync out of Loop sync . The other irritating thing is that the Avid Audio Server set up page doesn't always open when you hit configure device in Audio Midi Setup. Is anyone using a Sync Hd with a logic setup successfully?
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