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Default Re: Recovering RTAS plugin settings from old session

Originally Posted by lavastudios View Post
Hey gang,

So I've got to go back to some mixes that were done on PT10 with RTAS plugins. Does anyone know if there's a way I can recover the settings for the missing RTAS plugins so that I can open them in AU/VST form via Blue Cat PatchWork or a similar wrapper tool? In the past I have done this by opening PT10 and saving all the plugin settings as custom presets, then opening those presets in AU/VST versions of those plugins via Blue Cat PatchWork, but I no longer have a machine with a PT10 install. Is there another way?

Not that I know of.
Why do you have two threads on the same subject? Not cool and against the TOS. Maybe one of the mods can delete the duplicate thread.
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