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Default 11 buses suddenly white not yellow

running 11.3.1, this has been happening to me for a while now but i'm mixing and decide to send my drums say, to a reverb so i create a stereo aux, plugin a verb, send from drum aux to verb aux, the meter is pumping but the sound hasn't changed, input is going into my 140 (say) but it doesn't sound any diff. so i go look at the bus and bus 15-16 say, is white. so then i change it to the default reverb bus that is yellow and go back to it and it's white? am i missing something, is this something you guys have covered

btw, i'm running mac pro 3.03 12 core 48 g ram hd omni ... mavericks 9.5

i just went through hell and back trying to move to 11.3.2 but thats another story... any suggestions on the bus white ****e anyone?bus smaller.jpg
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