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Default Duplicate MIDI notes with AXIOM 61 problems

Hey all,

I was using an older Roland keboard for all of my VI work and decided to upgrade my controller to the AXIOM 61 which btw works and feels great. Ever since switching I will go to record MIDI parts and on playback I have issues because every note gets recorded twice. The first note is a very short note that looks like an indicator of some kind(I checked PT PDF and not much was said about the little "X" note), and then the 2nd note recorded is the right one......length, velocity, everything. Because of this, I have to go in to the region and get rid of all the little notes that are in front of each correct note before the region will play correctly. Has anyone else ran into this with the AXIOM series or any other keyboards? I HAVE TRIED THE REMOVE DUPLICATES NOTES FUNCTION, and it only removes the 2nd "correct" notes. Any idea's????

Much Thanks

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