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Default Re: Midi Editor Copy/Duplicate Leaves off Notes

Originally Posted by anackman View Post
Does anyone have a possible solution for this? Or is this just a bug? Thanks in advance.
When you edit midi data you have to catch the note start, not just the body of the note. So if the attack of the note falls even slightly before the downbeat, the notes will not be copied. This is the nature of MIDI data. The sustained notes you see are actually not sustained information- they are a visual representation of the time between the note getting turned on then then released. Two different ways to deal with this:

a) quantize your MIDI data, forcing the note starts to the grid, (you can just quantize the first downbeat if you want) or

b) offset your copy/duplicate selection range by a small amount, by this I mean, select the whole range you want, but start 1/16th note early, and end the selection 1/16th note early as well. This way you will catch all the "note on" data but still end up with a loopable selection.

By the way ProTools associates the corresponding "note off" command with each "note on" command, so you don't have to worry about catching the tail end of each note.
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