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Default Re: ilok - Cannot download license: Pro Tools 10+9 Bundle requires surrender of licen

Originally Posted by soukotta View Post
Do you have an iLok with a Pro Tools 8 auth on it?
No it's a brand new ilok - I have never needed an ilok in the past. I only got it for the pro tools 10 download cause they said you needed it

Did you buy Pro Tools HD 10?
No, I brought Pro tools LE 10
Did you buy the crossgrade from PT9 to PT10 for $299 or the crossgrade from PT LE8 to PT10 for $399 - because thats the one you want from the information you have given thus far.

As far as I remember you only get the PT9/10 combo authorization if you already had PT9 - it sounds to me like you bought the wrong upgrade.

Can you tell us how much you paid and what option you chose?

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