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Default Re: Internal busses on Mbox?

The internal busses have nothing to do with the Mbox. They are virtual busses so you can send stuff around within Protools. For instance-you have a recorded guitar part that is clean and bland, set its output to buss 1. Now create an aux track with its input set to buss 1. Now your guitar is routed to the aux track where you could put your guitar rig plugin. Now you maight set the aux track's output to buss 3-4(I'll assume GR has made a stereo signal). Create a stereo audio track and set its input to buss 3-4 and put it in record. When you hit PLAY, your guitar track with GR processing will be recorded on your new stereo audio track. Once it is recorded, you can drop the aux input/GR plug and disable the original guitar track voice to save cpu. Another use of busses is for echo/verb effects. Say you want to have verb on your toms and snare. Instead of putting a verb plugin on each track(which will kill your cpu), add an aux send to , say, buss 5-6 on each drum track. Now create a stereo aux track and set its input to buss 5-6 and add a verb plugin. Now you have verb on all those drum channels with a single plugin. Just think of the busses as a virtual patchbay to route signals within protools.
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