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Default Nexis - deleting files issue

I Posted this on the Avid Pro Video Storage Forum as well.

We are recording on 10 Pro Tools systems and mixing on 3 more. Due to delivery schedules - I back up every day to Drive and LTO, but can only clear out seasons of productions every six months or so. This usually means trying to offload 120-130k files. I have an issue where (when I move a folder to the bin (I am on Mac), it would delete anything from a handfull of files to maybe a few hundre if I am lucky before giving me a warning that the delete could not take place because the file was busy or locked. If I repeatedly move the folder I want to delete to the bin, it will eventually delete all the files - but with the amount I have to clear out it literally takes THOUSANDS of times. I have tried giving only one mac read and right access (and remove access to the rest of client completely, then remount the workspaces on the only mac that has access - all the other macs shut down. So this happens with only one client on the Nexis - the one trying to delete files. I have also tried unmounting, restarting both Mac and Nexis and mounting workspace again - no luck. There must surely be a better way to do this? Please help if you can....

NEXIS Software and NEXIS client 21.12 (All versions had this issue since we started on Nexis in 2018)

MAC OS - All versions - from Mojave -> Big Sur.
Mac 16 Core 7,1 -Os 10.15.7 - 96 gb Ram - Pro Tools 2022.6 Ultimate in 5 suites - MTRX Studio -S6 26-5-D - Sync HD - Video Satelite (Symphony 2022.5, AJA Kona 3g) Pro Protools 2022.6 Vanilla in 21 x Recording and Edit suites. Mac 6,1 Mac Mini, Mac Mini M1, Mac Studio Pro, Mac Studio Max
Mediacomposer 2021.12 on AJA Kona 3g / XT I/O x 3 suites. Multiple Avid S1, S3 & Docks
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