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Default G4 Tweaks For Better Performance

I have a 1.25Ghz Dual Processor G4 with 1Gb RAM running OS 10.2.8. I also use a 002R and Pro Tools 6.1. Are there any tweaks either for Pro Tools or for configuring the G4 that provide better performance. I can load 32 tracks at 24 bit and 48k with almost no draw on my system, but the plugins just suck me dry. Is that simply a RAM issue? Is there any way to safely squeeze DSP power out of my system?

Also, what is the latest version of OSX that I can get for free? I see a lot of people running 10.3.x with PT 6.2.3. What are the advantages of this? Is it stable? Knowing what you know about my current setup, am I a candidate for upgrading to these versions for free?

I'm sure these are all very simple questions, but this G4 is the first non-windows computer I've ever played with. Thanks for any and all help.

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