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Default Superior Drummer, TD12 and Pro Tools....

Hi all,

I've recorded a midi drum and an audio track using a Roland TD12 kit.

When I playback my recorded midi through Superior Drummer 2 the high hats have no expression.

I've dragged the high hats to another note where they sound better but still they do not open and close like the audio track using the Roland sounds.

From what I've heard from other users it's been a case of plugin and go with the hihat results being the jewel in the crown regarding SP2 in comparison to other Drum modules!!

Not so for me. The high hats are awful at the moment.

I've had an experienced drummer do the job for me and my track is unusable at the moment. The whole track rests on the hi hat expression and at the moment there is none.

Any ideas?

Is this a case of changing some exisitng settings or is it likely that this specific midi information was not acutally transmitted during the recording and therefore I have lost this take?

Any advice from people using TD12 and superior drummer will be much aprecieated. Why does it always have to be so difficult to do something? I swear one day we'll go back to 'on the one' takes with a live band like the good ole days of the JB's....

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