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Default How do I best connect these?

Digi001, Swissonic AD24, Swissonic DA24 and Swissonic WD8 (wordclock)
OK, it sounds like I'm having some sort of agreement with Swissonic to mention their name as often as possible,
but after buying their AD and DA (no probs with connecting them) I found the WD8 for very little money and bought it too.
A word clock generator can't hurt, I figured.
Anyway, the 001 hasn't got a word clock input, otherwise it would be a straight forward matter, so how would I connect the 001 to the clock?
Also I read on Lucid's web site that the 001 uses superclock too, is that right?
How do you rate the WD8 anyway, have I just wasted money, or are you now really jealous because I spent only 200 $ for a killer piece of gear,
which would normally cost about 800 or so?
Any suggestion on how to connect this setup best would be appreciated.
Hope y'all had a good new year

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