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Default Re: Could not create the TCE plug-inís factory default file because a DAE error . . .


if anyone has the same issue as this old post - here is what you should try first.

Today I had the exact same issue upon ProTools HD10 start - "Could not create the TCE plug-in’s factory default file because a DAE error was encountered.
DAE error 0 was encountered." and when I load project some of AVID instruments and plugins won't load and are made inactive.

After several hours of head scratching I found exact source for the issue and easy solution. This is for ProTools 10 on Windows 7 PC:

- close ProTools
- right click on My Computer, click Advanced System Settings, and click Environment Variables
- make sure both TMP and TEMP in both User and System Variables are set to drives and folders that exist. Change them and create folders as necessary

On my PC, folder TEMP was missing and there was a file without extension named Temp that prevented creation of new TEMP folder! After I deleted corrupted file and created valid Temp folder on the path where User and System Variables are set - all started to work fine, ProTools starts OK without error and all projects, plugins and VSTi load fine as were before the issue.

The problem (in my case) started after I installed newly purchased VSTi (reMIDI-2 in VST2 32bit format) and was caused when I wrapped it to AAX32. When the problem started I also noticed the following issues - iLok License manager won't start and Windows Paint won't save picture pasted from clipboard. Fact that Windows Paint has this issue actually led me to the solution and made me realize this is not a ProTools or iLok issue and more like OS issue. Windows Paint needs these User and System Variables set right to create a temporary bitmap file so it can convert it to the target file format.

I hope this helps to someone. Cheers!


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