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Default Re: Sustain messages when recording

Originally Posted by Samba View Post

I'm using Kontakt - Alicias Keys on an instrument track with a Novation Impulse 49 + sustain pedal.

When not recording, sustain pedal works fine.

When I hit record, the sustain pedal stops working, and the instrument track sustain stays 'on hold' - no matter how often I press the sustain down and up, it doesn't work - the sustain message just stays on.

Im running latest version of PT.

Any ideas?


That's an interesting one. As simple as this may sound, did you try just turning the Novation off and back on? Or, unplug the sustain pedal and plug it back in? I've had similar issues in the past, and just rebooting the controller and/or unpluggin the pedal and replugging it seemed to solve it. Of course, you'll need to exit PT first, then do the reboot on the Novation, and then reboot PT.

If you've tried all that, or try it and it doesn't solve the problem, then I'm not sure where to look next. Its odd the sustain would work when just playing but then go bonkers when trying to record on the same track with the same VI. Good luck.
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