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Default Rendered Freeze Files Not Deleted

Was doing some disk space management and noticed I have a session with 35 GB of files like:

"Session"/Rendered Files/"TrackName"-FZ.wav
"Session"/Rendered Files/"TrackName"-FZ_"#".wav (i.e. multiple versions)

I was experimenting with FREEZE function around 8/2018 and I think I was on Protools 2018.8? I've switched to using COMMIT instead of FREEZE. On Protools 2018.10 now (but maybe haven't opened this session since was on 2018.8).

From discussion in thread:
it sounds like these are freeze files that are supposed to get deleted when a track is unfrozen and the session is closed.

1) Is there still a bug that is leaving these hanging around?
2) Can I delete them given I'm not using FREEZE anywhere in this session?
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