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Default How do I connect monitors with Eleven Rack and Pro Tools?

I am a Pro Tools HD guy, so please forgive the dumb question.

My son is going to buy:
(1) An Eleven Rack, which comes bundled with Pro Tools LE 8, to record guitar tracks.
(2) A MIDI keyboard to control Pro Tools and create MIDI tracks for use with virtual instruments. This will connect to the Eleven Rack MIDI In.

He will use a MacBook Pro laptop.

He may stay with Pro Tools LE 8, or upgrade to Pro Tools 9 (hopefully the latter).

(1) How does he connect monitors to this system?
Can these be connected directly from the laptop outputs, or does he need a hardware interface?
(2) Will there be a latency problem when he monitors the mix while recording a guitar track? He would connect the Eleven Rack to the MacBook Pro via USB.
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