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Default Steinberg & VSL dropping eLicenser

While browsing over at the Motunation forum (used to be a member there because I have Digital Performer) and saw a thread that mentioned that both Steinberg and VSL are dropping the eLicenser key; VSL has their Vienna key which is the same thing. VSL is going to iLok and it doesn't look like Steinberg have made up their minds. Dates for switchover unknown at this point in time.

Here's a link to a thread at the Steinberg forums:

Here's a link to the VSL thread:

For VSL it looks like for a short time they'll have both their existing system and iLok operational so one can make the changeover. They're saying it won't cost the end user anything (unless uoi don't have an iLok). They haven't settled on if it'll be physical iLok or include Cloud. No machine license.

Thing is I never got an email from either company on this. Not only do I have VEPro 7 but also Wavelab 10 as well as a couple of ancient Arturia licenses on the Steinberg/Vienna key. And of course a boatload of licenses on my iLok.
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