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Default Bug: Folder Open/Close During Recording [SOLVED]

Opening and closing of folders from within the DAW seems to impossible when the transport is in record. However, it is possible to open and close folders from the Avid Control app, when the transport is in record. Is this a bug?

I would understand if any folders that have record armed tracks were locked out in terms of opening and closing during recording, although I'd prefer if Basic Folders acted like VCAs including the ability to record or input enable all member tracks. But, locking out all opening and closing of folders that do not contain record armed tracks is a bit of a deal breaker.

If I start laying back a feature length show and want to adjust an edit or crossfade on a track in a closed folder, I have to stop laying back in order to open that folder, then punch in again? That makes no sense.

EDIT: It seems that opening and closing a folder that contains actively recording tracks from the Control App works fine and doesn't interrupt recording. But, closing a folder that contains record armed tracks when the transport is stopped disarms the tracks. This is very inconsistent behavior and needs to be fixed.
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