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Default budget constrained upgrade -- need advice

hi. this is my first post here. i've been scanning the site for any helpful info, but i need some specific advice.

i've got pt5 and cubase vst running on a b&w G3, os 8.6. i need to batch capture from DV, and to do so i'll need some new stuff. i thought about post-comform, but the DV deck i'll be borrowing doesn't have sync (just firewire). so my next idea was to get final cut pro. i understand the latest version will capture from avid edl's without a hitch, so i want to go that route. but i'll need os 9, which i'm nervous about. i also know that premiere 5.1c will batch capture from DV with the right firewire drivers, but it seems they need os 9 too.

any help would be hugely appreciated.
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