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Default Re: Managing rendered files

Thanks for your reply. A couple of questions...

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
unfreezing/refreezing means nothing since now Pro Tools can't clear the old rendered files since you screwed up the process by unlinking them from the session.
It doesn't appear PT has been clearing any old files (if that had been happening I wouldn't have 7 GB).

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
If you now want to fix the problem, open a default workspace, select all offline and clear. Then save your session (save it a version up.)
Not sure what you mean be a "default workspace". Do you mean the session I'm working on?

Also not clear what you mean by saving a "version up."

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
f you want to clear unused files, do a select all unused and then a clear (options are clear, delete right away, trash.) If you plan to never use them again in that session or any other, use trash so at least you have a chance to recover them. If you choose delete, they are gone for good]
Just to be clear all I'm referring to are the rendered files (appended with "FZ"): Not clips or audio files.
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