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Default Can anyone help me contact Sibelius support?

I realize that Sibelius is probably not intended to be part of this forum, but I am desperate. I have been using Sibelius 7.1.3 for many years, for work, on a PC running Windows 10 Home. Last week it suddenly stopped opening. I have tried everything in the book to fix it, including several re-installs. Every attempt to contact their support has failed. Their phone number goes to some place saying that due to the pandemic their registration support offices are closed. The selection for technical support simply doesn't answer. I have tried to submit an online ticket, with no responses. I purchased an "Avid Support Code" for $33. They took the payment but I never got a code. Again, I realize that this is probably not the forum for this, but I need to solve this problem and I was hoping that someone out there might know what I can try next.
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