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Default Just bought MBox 2 Pro HELP!

Hi, yesterday I bought MBox 2 Pro, with all the stuff, I installed it, Pro Tools Works, Sound Quality perfect, but when I plugged my microphone 2 the blue box here where the problem started. 1st of all When I plug XLR input 2 1st Mic input, when I record I have sound only on left channel, n when it's 2nd input I have sound on right channel. why is it like that? I also plugged XLR 2 my mackie 1402VLZ3 mixer n then I plugged a cable 2 Lime In 1 on my mic channel 2 blue box.. the thing is that when I use Y-Type 1/4" Cable (so I plug both ends to mic in 1 and 2 in the blue box I have sound on 2 channels however the quality is poor) any one had the same problem? How to solve it?

Thank You
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