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Default MIDI IN Trouble with 002r/PTLE6.7

I recently got my PTLE system set back up after a long hiatus, but I ran into trouble yesterday w/ MIDI input. My keyboard's MIDI out is connected directly to the 002r's MIDI in, the MIDI track is record enabled, it's input is set to all, and the Digi's MIDI interface is enabled in the input devices, but I record no data. When I hook the keyboard up directly to one of my rack synths, it works great so I know the board is fine. When hooked up to the 002r, I get led activity on the 002r's front panel whenever I hit keys or turn knobs, so it's receiving the data. I'm just not getting anything in the software. I'm sure there's some stupid little thing I'm overlooking, but my PT skills are *really* rusty. Any suggestions as to the next thing to check?
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