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Default Re: 1.2 doesn't open

Hi Sam, rebooted iPad a couple of times and scorch is now opening, great. It also works with my bt 105. Great. Search now works, great. Sort still not alphabetical rather than cap/lower case, but it can manage it in shelf state where files haven't been allocated to a shelf. Still got the issue of it jumping on random pages when I switch to music stand view. And it really needs a set list with the files opened ready, it is still slow opening the files. Please, please, please include a decent thought out set list soon. There is also a bit of flashing of the background desktop when turning between pages. Like others, I also have upgraded to Sibelius 7, principally to format with its auto bars and great page marg in settings and export to PDF. As soon as I get set list, I will be able to use it live, especially as it has playback and transpose which has always worked. My files are a mixture of my old g7, majority, and a few sib 7. This is now a welcome release after nearly 2 years of silence and its nearly there.
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